I did not take it — Short Story.

Once upon a time, in India, a Buddhist Monk was going around the streets taking alms. He went to a house and asked for alms.

The woman in the house is ill-tempered. She told the monk to go away.

The Monk asked her for alms a second time. This time she replied with a rather loud voice and a harsh tone “Go away, I am busy right now.

The Buddhist monk, still calm and patient, asked her again for the third time.

Again, the woman replied in a very rude manner asking him to go away.

The Monk left from there silently. He is neither angry nor hurt. He is calm and left her house with a smile.

In a moment, the woman in the house started thinking.

How come the Monk is so calm and even smiling when I am so rude to him? I need to know his secret” she thought.

The woman immediately rushed outside to talk to the monk.

He already moved forward. He is six houses away from her house. She rushed to meet him.

When she approached, she asked the Monk “Dear Monk, How do you control your anger and resentment? Earlier when you came to ask for alms from me I was very rude to you. Yet, you did not say a word against me. You were as calm when you were leaving as when you arrived. How is this possible to you?” she asked.

The Monk smiled and replied, “ I did not take it.

The woman, not understanding what he said, asked him to explain.

He said, “When I came to your house asking for alms if you had given me food and I took it who will that food belong to?

You.” she said.

When I came to your house asking for alms if you gave me food and I do not accept it, who does that food belong to now?” he asked again.

Me.” she replied.

If I do not accept what you gave me, it belongs to you.” the Monk left saying this.


In these days of Social Media and Internet life, oftentimes we end up talking and interacting with strangers.

Some of them may be nice while some of them may be rude and bullies.

Online or Offline, do not take what people say to you. Let them have what they give.

What they say is a reflection of what they are not what you are.

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