Canva Review – 2022

What is Canva?

  • Canva is a Graphic Design Tool used to design simple graphics, videos etc.,
  • It is an Australian-based Company launched in 2012 by Melanie Perkins (CEO), Cliff Obrecht, Cameron Adams and is currently valued at $40 billion.

Who can use Canva?

Anyone who wants to create designs in simple hassle free environment will find Canva very helpful. 

Content Creators, Solopreneurs, Small businesses, and non-designers who wants to design will benefit greatly from Canva.

Learning Curve of Canva.

Canva is a simple drag-and-drop software with millions of free images, graphics, videos, and audios available to be used for free. It’s learning curve is almost zero that it makes designing very easy.

You do not need any experience as a graphic designer to use Canva. Non-Designers can create beautiful, brand style images with a few clicks. 

How to use Canva?

You can use Canva either on your Laptop or PC in a web browser or in your android or iOS phone as a downloadable app. Either way, almost all the features of Canva stays the same.

The interface in mobile apps is user-friendly and is useful when you have to create social media posts or short videos on the go.

Canva provides three types of things to help you create your design.

  1. Pre-designed editable Templates.
  2. Royalty-free images, videos, graphics, and audio that can be used in your designs.
  3. Easy to use Drag and drop editor.

Sign up and login to Canva using this link.

Once you login you are faced with the question “ What will you design?”

You can answer this question by choosing one of the design ideas provided by Canva or you can start designing by choosing a custom size.

You can also upload photos, videos or pdf files to be used in your design.

Next, you are taken to Canva’s drag-and-drop editor interface

You are provided with various pre-designed templates you can easily edit to suit your needs.

In the left-most panel, you can find various controls that help you choose templates, elements ( images, graphics, and videos), uploads, text fonts, styles (various combinations of fonts and colours), background colours etc.,

You can also create QR codes for your ebooks that links to your website or any freebie downloads you provide (I will explain the detailed procedure to create a QR Code using Canva in another post).

You can simply drag and drop the elements you need for your design or play around a pre-designed template. 

How to download your designs from Canva?

Once you are done with your design, it is time to download it or share it across social media.

Click the “Share” option available on the top right-hand corner of your editor page.

You are given several options to share, schedule, download or even print your design. Canva also provides print and deliver options.

To download your design, click on the Download option.

You have to then choose a format for your design to download and the page numbers you wish to download.

If you wish to download more than one page, it is downloaded as a zipped file. 

Once you download the file, your design is still stored in Canva’s Cloud storage. 

If you want to use a single design across various social media platforms, you can use the “Magic Resize” option available to Canva Pro and Canva Teams users.

You are given the options to custom resize or choose from the Canva’s design ideas available to resize and reuse your design.

You can redesign your Canva design. But, we cannot redesign the downloaded designs as it is now a single image. We cannot access the individual elements from the downloaded image.

What happens when you accidentally delete a Canva Design?

They keep deleted designs in the trash folder for up to 30 days before they are completely eliminated. 

How much does Canva Cost?

Currently, Canva offers three types of plans for Individuals and teams.

  1. Canva Free: Key Features
  • 250,000+ free templates
  • 100+ Design types
  • one+ Million free elements
  • 5GB Cloud Storage

  1. Canva Pro: Key Features
  • 610,000+ free and premium templates with new designs everyday
  • 100+ Million premium stock photos, videos, audios, and graphics
  • Magic Resize
  • Instant Image Background Remover
  • 100 Brand Kits (Logos, Colours, fonts for every brand)
  • Schedule Social Media Content to 8 platforms
  • 1TB Cloud Storage

  1. Canva for Teams: Key Features (Contains all Canva Pro Features and additional features)
  • Brand Controls
  • Approval workflows, activity logging, assign tasks and roles
  • Turn designs, presentations and documents into branded templates.
  • Template locking
  • 1TB Cloud Storage
  • SSO
  • ISO 27001 Certification and Compliance

Canva also offers free services to teachers, students, schools and non-profit organizations.

Canva Overall Review:

I have been using Canva Pro for the past two years. I created designs for my YouTube channel- thumbnails, videos and images – Facebook posts, Instagram posts, YouTube shorts and even presentations for webinars.

Canva is very easy to use and gives brand-level designs for a very low price.

Other Designing platforms cost much higher compared to Canva.

They are also difficult to learn and design for non-designers. 

Canva helps me get my work done in just a few minutes with a few clicks.

You can try Canva pro for free for a month. You will love it.

I will share more about how to create and edit your Canva designs and also information about some other features provided by Canva in my upcoming posts.

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